Superiority Complex


(( I probably won’t be on here anymore. It feels a bit wrong to possibly get peoples’ hopes up, if anyone still follows my RP blogs, and while I’ll still use my Scolopends for various things and even roleplaying, it probably won’t be on any tumblr blog.

I’m sorry if anyone was waiting for replies or stuff. I might finish up the rest of that Arc before I completely vanish, but as of now, these account’ll be completely inactive (I mean they basically were anyways), minus the occasional doodle if I happen to be motivated to draw them.

I won’t scrap Morty, or Sve, or delete these because I have a lot of memories on them and things I want to remember for future use, but indefinite hiatus is happening at this time.

Thanks for being great people. Hope to see you all around sometime. <3 ))


my preferred pronouns are “your majesty”

(( I made one of those face things for Sve. <w<; ))